Jorg Thuijls

Welcome! This is the homepage of Jorg Thuijls, SAP ABAP and UI5 developer. My site is still under development, but I was dying to get something going :)


Here's a little something about me, about what I do in the SAP world and in the development world, and how I got to where I am now.


Here's a link to my techie blog. I'm not a frequent writer, but I'm hoping you'll find something of interest in here anyway! These are my most recent posts.

Implementing SSL on AWS S3


Flickr album tag demo


Strings and string templates in ABAP



I collected a few of the things I've made here as a showcase. Most of my work is done for companies who value their copyrights, but there's some stuff in here I've built just for fun!


Here you'll find Jorg's online resume, detailing past work. It has my work history, qualifications, skills and interests. Hang tight while I work on a version for you to print or download :)

Find me in various places!