Jorg Thuijls | About

Hi! My name is Jorg.

I’m an experienced SAP and UI5 developer living in sunny Brisbane, Australia, with 10 years’ under the belt across a wide array of technologies and industries in consultant- developer- and lead positions, and I love my work.

My introduction to SAP was in a Tech / BASIS role, but I moved into development very quickly, where I have been ever since. I’m fluent in ABAP, JavaScript, NodeJS, UI5 and several other key languages. I have made old school WRICEF in all ECC modules, interfaces between applications and lately I have been making UI5 and Angular applications both for Portal / Gateway and as iOS / Android apps using Phonegap.

I’m a tinkerer, lover of technology and development. I like nothing more than knowing I’ve created something that not just useful, but also looking good and easy for you to maintain.