Jorg Thuijls | Portfolio


A small roguelike. The little demo below has a randomly generated island with climate zones, roads, towns and the slow but steadily passing of time, which will connect more towns, upgrade towns to cities and roads to highways.

To explore, make sure the black window is focused. Arrows move you around, M displays the map.

I’ve written about some of this on my blog. Little demo below is probably a bit slow embedded in this page, you can try it full screen on the github demo page.

Find the code in my rogue repository.

Perlin landscapes

A while ago I experimented with isometric layouts, tile engines and perlin noise. This is what came out of that. I know it’s a little silly but I find the whole thing quite mesmerizing to watch. Give it a second to load.

There’s a better demo, and the full code, on my perlin landscape repository.

Imagine manipulation using Canvas

I wrote this little image manipulator class for fun, and to learn a bit more about how images work on the canvas. This little library includes basic filters like darken, brighten, grayscale etc, but also some more advanced techniques like k-means clustering, cell manipulation, flood fills, hermite resampling enlargement and convolution filters.

You’ll find the code and a demo in this repository.